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Homemade coffee peeling against cellulite

Homemade coffee peeling against cellulite

A peeling made of freshly ground coffee, grape seed oil and a small amount of Etja orange oil is an effective way to fight cellulite. Additionally, thanks to the aromatherapeutic properties of orange oil, this peeling also has antiseptic and even antidepressant properties! See a new homemade coffee peeling recipe with orange oil.

The effect of coffee on weight loss

What kind of coffee do you like best? Little black or big and white? Or maybe your taste is only true Italian cappuccino? Tastes are not discussed, but the real impact of coffee on your health – much more often.

American and European scientists have been waging a war for years over the effects of the chemical components in coffee on our body. Positivelly Coffee Program, run by the International Coffee Institute, admits that moderate coffee consumption, up to 400 mg a day, has no negative effects on the human body, and the antioxidants contained in it may even counteract the development of certain types of cancer cells.

The main chemical component of coffee is caffeine (an alkaloid), which speeds up metabolism, stimulates blood circulation, and helps in the drainage of lymph from adipose tissue. It is worth mentioning that although consuming coffee during a slimming diet can help with weight loss, this drink dehydrates the body and also flushes out elements, such as magnesium, which are responsible for the proper functioning of muscles from the body. Other methods how to get rid of cellulite.

How does coffee peeling work against cellulite?

Drinking coffee is not the only way to provide the body with caffeine. This can also be achieved by using my homemade coffee scrub. I recommend it especially to people struggling with cellulite.

Why is coffee peeling effective?


Coarsely ground coffee, in contact with the skin, removes dead epidermis, leaving it smooth and soft to the touch.


The circular rubbing movement of the peeling mechanically stimulates microcirculation, making the skin firmer.


Caffeine contained in coffee removes toxins from the body’s cells and accelerates the dehydration process of fat cells.


The peeling composed of grape seed oil has a preventive effect on skin stretching, i.e. stretch marks hated by women. This oil is considered to be one of the strongest antioxidants. Moreover, it is a natural source of vitamin E, which nourishes the skin, making it elastic.


Orange oil contained in coffee peeling has an anti-cellulite effect on the skin, smoothing and tightening it. Additionally, as an antiseptic, it will soothe any irritation and redness that might occur after an intensive massage with peeling.

Besides… it just smells great! A wonderful blend of coffee and oranges will relax and calm you. It is a natural antidepressant that will put you in a great mood.

How to make a homemade coffee scrub?

Time to get down to business with a cup of coffee … because that’s what you can use as a measuring cup for ingredients.

1. Two cups of freshly ground coffee

We do not use scrubbed coffee to increase the effect of caffeine on cellulite. When we use only grounds for peeling, we get rid of the benefits that flowed into the cup together with the boiling water. Moreover, pay attention to the type of coffee. I recommend using Robusta coffee, not Arabica coffee, because it contains a higher concentration of caffeine, and this is what removes cellulite from the skin.

2. A cup of grape seed oil

It is practically odorless, which means that two such strong aromas, such as coffee and orange oil, create a harmonious fragrance that calms and relaxes, without irritating the sense of smell of people who are hypersensitive to sweet and suffocating smells. Its main advantage, however, is its consistency – grape seed oil is light and non-sticky, and your skin, immediately after the peeling treatment, does not require any additional lotions.

3. 4 drops of Etja orange essential oil

The essential oil is highly concentrated and although in small amounts it is beneficial for the skin, its excess can cause serious irritation or photoallergies. Therefore, limit yourself to 4 drops of this product – believe me, it is absolutely enough to enjoy the refreshing aroma.

Then, add the ingredients to a large bowl in order of coffee, grape seed oil, and Etja orange oil drops. Mix everything thoroughly.

How to use a coffee scrub?

It is best to use the peeling right after the bath. Apply the previously prepared coffee preparation on cleansed skin. Try to massage the peeling into the skin of the thighs and buttocks for about 10 minutes with circular movements. You can also use the peeling, if necessary, on the calves and abdominal area. In order for the oil to absorb well into the skin and moisturize it, you can leave the mixture on your skin for another 10 minutes. After this time, rinse the peeling with lukewarm water.

Since the coffee preparation belongs to the category of strong peels, try not to use it more than twice a week.

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6 of makeup trends for this year’s autumn

6 of makeup trends for this year’s autumn

Flawless complexion, geometric eye and matte lips – these are just some of the trends this year promoted by the biggest fashion houses. In contrast to previous seasons, makeup became much more natural and subtle. They put on make-up artists proven classics, although not lacking extravagant accents.

The new season brought us a huge diversity both in fashion and makeup. Designers have proved that look from the catwalks we can successfully reproduce in everyday styling. 6 Meet the most important trends, make-up artists have prepared for this year’s autumn.

Perfectly smooth complexion

Focus is on the skin of makeup trend that dominated almost all fashion shows. So if you want to invest in one, high-quality cosmetics, put on a perfectly matched primer. The skin should be smooth, fresh and radiant. Depending on your preferences you can thoroughly roughened skin and give it a satin sheen. Highlight cheekbones using a little pink. Fashion for flawless skin goes hand in hand with the expansion of the offer primers, powders and correctors. The diverse range of shades and tones makes it easy to find backing and adapted to suit the needs of your skin.

Eyes: from minimalism to pop art-in

This season, make-up artists boldly experimenting with makeup eye. On the one hand, governs minimalism, on the other hand, favors the makeup came back from the 60s, Twiggy inspired lookie. Underlined eyebrow brush and held pink gloss lips makeup is what was presented at the show Chanel and Balmain. On the skin, though perfectly neat, you will see freckles and moles, while eyes will not find neither shadows, nor mascara.

A completely different approach to makeup could see the shows of Dior and Giorgio Armani. Geometric lines, which this time appear in both the upper and the lower eyelid, make the eyes become big, exaggerated and hypnotic. Classic cat’s eye has been replaced by a wide, uneven dash made neon eyeliner. Trailed eyelashes (including color), glitter and metal-shadows make the eyes begin to resemble those pop art-works of art.

The designers have not forgotten classics of makeup. Timeless black and gray smokey eye is no longer so clear, however, as before. Chocolate-beige palette of shadows in conjunction with a delicate brown crayon and subtly wytuszowanymi lashes creates a natural, evening makeup that fits every type of beauty.

matte lips

Trends for porcelain complexion and gently encouraged underlined eyes make-up artists to make a stronger emphasis paragraph. Burgundy, brown or red lipstick with a matte finish will help you create a creative, yet feminine look. Next to the faded, dark lipstick on the lips appear in shades of gold and caramel, which replace the new season classic beige. Again, make-up artists try to make-up was elegant, yet strongly emphasized the natural beauty.

French manicure  

Turn towards natural beauty can be seen not only in makeup, but also in nail styling. Returned to favor french manicure, another classic that is presented in the new version. Instead of white finish you can afford a touch of color – red, gold or dark blue stripes painted on the nail plate make your outfit take on the character. Other proposals from the nail stylists include tortoiseshell manicure or tortoiseshell, animal patterns, or blank space manicure, so delicate decoration placed on clear lacquer.

Black Friday is fast approaching STYLEMAKERS. Check reductions today and buy wisely!

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Hygiene medieval queens. Are our powers in stank?

Hygiene medieval queens. Are our powers in stank?

  • In the early Middle Ages, bathing was prohibited on Sundays and holidays. All this would not detract from the spiritual matters
  • A special love of dirt stood two Polish princes and holy: and King Jadwiga
  • In later times, medieval rulers did not have to remind you about the bath. Piast and the Jagiellonian for visits in the bath were a regular part of hygiene
  • Also cared about the purity of thoughts in their bed. The then guides emphasized that physical proximity is the pleasant, the less repulsive odor lovers

Medieval Church distinguished hygienic and medical needs associated with bathing, from entertainment and pleasure, which often enjoy the baths. He not called for excessive taking care of themselves. In the early Middle Ages baths they were forbidden even on Sundays and holidays. All this would not detract from the spirit of things. “What we are we to say of those who care to keep their dresses well pachły; […] to the hair żegadłem capped; eat spices that paragraph the pachło; squeeze the neck and legs, and their garments all the blood and sweat of the poor” – thundered Maciej preacher from the pulpit of the prince.

Dirty body – pure soul

Example often followed in advance, the holy and blessed of ascetic and ascetek, falling into a love dirt. They imitated their powers in medieval Polish, especially in the thirteenth century. Fashion embody a far-reaching restraint became our two princesses and a holy King, wife of Boleslaw the Chaste, Duke of Cracow and Sandomierz and Jadwiga, wife of Prince Henry the Bearded Wroclaw.

The first of them, as we read in their lives, not abandoned virginity, even in marriage. For beauty did not attach much importance unless, since “when she was praised for her beauty, brukała and face them with the ointment.” What’s more, “has never been taking relief in the tank or in the bath, nor any water not bathed face, but on the occasion of communion or in great need.”

In turn, the Duchess of Silesia after the fulfillment of the obligation to extend the family forced the end of the marriage and her husband hid in a monastery. She lived there as a nun, mortified and starving. Totally did not care to wash sometimes bare feet with a thick layer of mud. She found that the use of water, bathed in the nun’s legs. Namely … “his face and head and pour their granddaughter bathed in that water.” And if they wash their face, are “coming towel wherewith [nuns] rubbed his hands where they were the dirtiest, she eats the eyes and put his mouth.”

Acana she calls together the water, already The heated bath!

These examples dissuasive not change the fact that even in the oldest communications relating to the history of the Slavs in the Middle Ages can be found mention of the baths. Using them considered the primary treatment for the body care. They were available for almost all – prices in the cities were not exorbitant. The royal family, the governor, the owner of the bath, members of the guilds and city council members have the right to free swimming.

Toll is lye, soap and later – in the XIV century in the vicinity of Plock already acted first soapboilers. The bath was taken in cebrach and tubs. Aristocracy applied herbs and rose petals, to give the body a pleasant smell beauty sites catalog. The wealthy used to build private “bath rooms.”

Device bath court between X and XIII age certainly nothing like the primitive stalls or baths łaziebnych ziemiankowych, which benefit from the lower layer. On podgrodziach baths miewały sizes even residential houses! This is demonstrated by excavation and Gnieźnieńskie Gdansk, wherein discovered baths respectively measuring 2.35 x 5 and 4.5 x 4.5 meters. And she looked like a bath in this medieval home spa? Imaging reconstruction is in the book “Life in a medieval castle” by Joseph and Frances Gies:

Baths were taken in a wooden tub, sheltered tent or canopy for convenience and sent canvas. Many also depend on the weather – warm days, often dipping vat placed in the garden, in the cold – in the room, next to the fire. On the other hand, when you’re traveling, washtub accompanied him along the way together with a special servant, who prepared everything.

A similar description can be found in written in the mid-fifteenth century to the advice and services of the pages by John Russell, steward at the court of the Duke of Gloucester. In the “Book of good manners” He devoted a separate chapter of the bath. What should he do well-trained servant, if you wanted to “clean wash his body?”

First, he had to protect bath, dangling from the ceiling saturated with the scent of fresh herbs and flowers sheets. He brought a sponge, on which his master could not resist or sit in the tub, and prepared a sheet to cover. Then wash the master with a soft sponge and hot brew cup full of fresh herbs, and then washed the hot water it rose. Finally wipe it dry and took to bed to prevent colds.

The Queen turnusie

Utartemu Contrary to belief, the powerful of the Middle Ages did not have to remind you of a bath or a beauty treatment. Often choosing a longer journey, they took with them a wooden tub. He did so in both English King John Without Land, and Polish – Wladyslaw Jagiello, who drove a favorite tub together in the shape of a horse.

Monarchs also could afford to put in the palace constant bathrooms. This bath house was, for example, at the residence of Henry III at Westminster. The royal couple will be able to use the supplied running water, as hot. It was drawn from tanks filled with water and heated in a special pitchers boiler.

It was no different in the case of the Piast and the Jagiellonian dynasty. And for them baths and regular visits to the baths were an indispensable element of hygiene. Dobrawa bathing pleasure, the wife of Mieszko I, described in the book “Iron Lady” Kamil Janicki. He stressed that the princess had probably a private sauna, which were placed in stone furnaces and water tanks.

Dobrawa was not the only Polish ruler enthusiast baths. Apparently in Busko, at the Norbertine sisters, he used the same medicinal ablution Queen Jadwiga. It may be that rich in bromine, iodine, iron and hydrogen sulfide enriched water for Queen yet thyme, mistletoe, periwinkle or siedmiopalecznikiem. Certainly, the smell was intoxicating, and the ritual very pleasant, the only question is, what was so Jadwiga West?

Queen worked … for the sake of the continuity of the family. Recall that their first and only child, who died a few weeks after the birth a daughter, she was born after many years of fruitless marriage with Jagiello. Bathing in healing waters could – according to contemporary beliefs – to remedy this “nakedness of infertility.” This opinion was confirmed anyway Bishop John Radlica, trustee queen and an excellent medic who served her father.

Clean teeth and … “Chamber of Venus”

Also cared about the purity of thoughts in their alcove. Concepts of courtly love and chivalry in force in the upper echelons been making the degree of attractiveness of personal hygiene. In many romances and collections of teachings of the era emphasized that physical proximity is the pleasant, the less repulsive odor lovers. Erasmus recommended to clean the teeth with toothpick mastykowca, pen or poultry bone. Trotula famous in the twelfth century, in turn, recommended that ladies use nutshells and mouthwash wine with a little salt. Also drew inspiration from the sage and paste from a variety of herbs and spices.

In the Middle Ages the specifics have already been used for hair removal and perfumes. The latter made from a flower oils, herbs and spices. Lives acquainted with them probably Dobrawa. Certainly he used them – also in the alcove – the wife of Boleslaw the Brave, Emnilda who love the whole arsenal of tricks influence the political decisions of her husband. What beauty treatments she used to keep her husband’s desire? They shed some light on it authors of “Life in a medieval castle”:

Mrs. able to arrange her hair, benefiting from the mirror. […] Despite strong opposition from preachers and moralists lady writers used different cosmetics: sheep fat, pink and bleach the skin, which gave her pink and white color.

In the interest of successful intercourse embarrassing to the other party and not shunned bath. Lover move on in the tub was Jagiello, who demanded her wherever arrived. Preserved repair bills and investments baths, which use. Czyściochem great, lubującym in the use of the bath (also in the morning, despite strict prohibitions medic), was also Casimir the Great.

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Why use bath salt?

Why use bath salt?

Salt is not only an attractive addition to the bath, which helps to relax and reduce tension caused by stress Salt has also detoxification, relaxing and soothing It contains a number of beneficial minerals and trace elements that improve the condition of the skin and support the natural cleansing of toxins organisms

Bath salt is in the form of small particles or slightly thicker, sometimes it is added to the petals of flowers or other elements acting in an aesthetic Particles dissolve within a few minutes of adding them to the water Just complete a handful of salt to the bath changed at home treatment straight from the salon spa

The beneficial properties of the salt bath

Bath salts contain beneficial ingredients such as sodium, potassium, magnesium or calcium It is thanks to the skin is nourished, smoothed and regenerated In addition, the purified salt of the skin (including the dead skin), affects the fiber structure of collagen and promotes the process of removing toxins from the body Is applicable in anti-cellulite treatments, anti-aging and peeling At the same time stimulates circulation, relieves muscle spasms and stiffness symptoms It is therefore recommended to people struggling with back pain and muscle fatigue after exercise

Baths with salt to soothe or changes in the form of rashes and pimples So they support the treatment of dermatological diseases such as psoriasis and acne

Types of bath salts

For sale there are different types of bath salts The most popular are:

  • Sea salt – is recovered by evaporation of sea water Well absorbs essential oils, and therefore enriches the bath also features. It is also used as a component for peeling the body

Sea salt

  • Salt from the Dead Sea – is extremely rich in minerals, and therefore deserves a separate mention It is used to relieve many ailments, such as excessive dry skin, psoriasis, eczema and rheumatism

Salt from the Dead Sea

  • Himalayan salt – has a slightly pink tint Firms the skin and helps reduce cellulite, also soothes irritation

Himalayan salt

Selected bath salts

  • Salt bath oil, macadamia and noni BingoSpa

Salt bath oil, macadamia and noni BingoSpa

The salt dissolved rapidly and very pleasant smell Generously lather, making the bath becomes a truly luxurious experience It contains minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, calcium, potassium The addition of macadamia oil promotes rapid regeneration flabby and poorly nourished skin Noni fruit while responsible for the safety and cosmetic firming properties

  • Himalayan salt bath Hague

Himalayan salt bath Hague

Natural salt bath oil of the tree sandalwood, patchouli, ylang-ylang, bergamot and lime is suitable for all skin types Changes in bath revitalizing and cleansing ritual Cleanses the skin, restores strength after a difficult day and makes it easier to relax and unwind

  • Salt bath seaweed Mokosh

Salt bath seaweed Mokosh

Designated highly mineralized salt bath peels and contains an extract of the algae Laminaria digitata Its ingredients act firming, moisturizing, regenerating and detoxifying the skin Cosmetic well suited to the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks

  • Peat salt bath and wraps BingoSpa

Peat salt bath and wraps BingoSpa

The salt bath used peat extract, which is the essence of what is most valuable in the mud Thanks to cosmetic brings relief to tired muscles and improves firmness and overall appearance of the skin Perfectly also supports the fight against cellulite

  • Salt bath iodine and bromine Mohosh

Salt bath iodine and bromine Mohosh

Iodine-bromine salt hydrates, nourishes, soothes and regenerates the skin It relieves nervous tension, speeds up recovery after exercise and removing toxins from the body Suited for reducing cellulite treatments, and at the same time helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases and sinusitis, rheumatic diseases, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis

Cosmetics may also be used as a body scrub (alone or in combination with oil)

  • The salt from the Dead Sea BingoSpa

The salt from the Dead Sea BingoSpa

Salt is collected by evaporation of water from the Dead Sea It is recommended for daily skin care as well as support for the treatment of psoriasis, acne and various types of skin lesions, among others, atopic dermatitis Perfectly relaxes and soothes the nerves

  • Salt bath mandarin and marigold PURITA

Salt bath mandarin and marigold PURITA

Salt Purita is designed primarily for dry skin, flaking

Natural Dead Sea salt effectively cleanses, moisturizes and softens the skin Further accelerate the metabolism, it improves blood circulation, relieving pain and posttraumatic rheumatic pain in the joints, muscles and bones It is used to treat skin diseases such as psoriasis The addition of dried calendula petals cosmetic also has antifungal and antibacterial effect It also accelerates the healing of wounds.

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Christmas nails 2019. Our proposals and inspiration for beautiful manicure

Christmas nails 2019. Our proposals and inspiration for beautiful manicure

Christmas nails 2019 – ideas and inspiration for beautiful manicure

Manicure for Christmas does not have to be trashy and conspicuous. Christmas nails can also be subtle and elegant. That is, for example sweterkowy manicure (nail sweater). We have also prepared some funny suggestions for women who like funny decorating. Here are the most popular Christmas nails reindeer or snowmen. It looks really charming, and not looking at it is hard not to smile.

Christmas is special and magical time. Our manicure or such can be. It’s a great opportunity to go crazy and afford extravagant design. We have more time and do not go to work, so it’s worth the risk. If you want to keep the atmosphere for a long time, then select Christmas nails hybrid. You can wear them without prejudice and the need to fix up to three weeks. Calmly withstand a New Year’s Eve. And if you depend on durability, but are worried that hybrid destroy the nails, select a compromise. Półhybryda keeps longer than regular paint, and is softer than the hybrid manicure.

Christmas nails – red

Red is the color usually associated with Santa Claus robe. It also symbolizes fire, and so the heat and the house. This color is also famous nose, Rudolph and our cheeks after a few hours of fun in the snow. It’s the perfect shade for the holidays. Perfect for the festive family dinner, but it will look as good on a Christmas meeting with friends. Contrary to appearances, even opting for one color, you have many possibilities. Glossy or matte? Blood-red and perhaps more entering in orange? Sam decide. Red is a good idea for Christmas nails.

Equally interesting will look combines red manicure with silver, and even green. Effectively they present themselves as red and white patterns on the nails. It all depends on whether you’re a fan of minimalist classics, but if you prefer a bolder and more obvious solutions.

Christmas nails – snowflakes

Snowflakes is a symbol of winter adored mainly by children. This does not mean that adults can not enjoy it and admire this miracle of nature. Looking at the falling snowflakes fajniejszych is one of the aspects of Christmas. Regardless of the weather you can buy a Christmas snowflake nails. This manicure is impressive.

Christmas nails – reindeer

Animals of Santa Claus, which pull his sleigh with gifts – what could be more charming idea for Christmas nails? Reindeer is the original and funny idea for a manicure for admirers of animals. With such nails for sure you will do a furore among kids. It is possible that your manicure interest them even more than piling up under the Christmas tree gifts.

With decorations in a pattern to reindeer requires little skill and special fine brush. However, if you have the time and inclination to rehearse – it’s worth. If not, you must go to profesjonalistki. Remember, however, to make an appointment in advance. Just before Christmas at the manicurist may no longer be available terms. It is a time when everyone doing Christmas nails.

Christmas nails – cardigan

Sweterkowy manicure is the answer to sweater weather, the weather for the sweater. Cold weather, wind and rain make you feel like a warm wrap knit. Why not “set up” the sweater on your nails? This manicure looks very impressive. It presents the original and at the same time very elegant.

Semilac brand has created a special, limited edition paint hybrid “Sweater Weather” through which easily conjure up in their hands nails in Christmas sweater. You can choose from eight shades of winter.

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Christmas nails – step by step

Depending on what you chose a manicure, how performance will be different. However, the preparation of hand and nail every time it looks like. The most important is to give them shape and making the paint will hold up well. Also remember that just before painting nails, do intensive-care treatments for hands. Any kind of oil or even creams make the tile gets slippery and the paint adheres much worse. On the skin of the hand will come after the festive manicure beautydaily.

The first step is to give the nails porządanego shape. It depends on you whether they will be long or very short. Follow the directions in this regard not only fashion, but also your comfort and preferences. There are people who can not function normally with long fingernails. Other women, in turn, feel bad short. Your comfort is most important, though, of course, always want to experiment and try new trends.

The safest and most convenient way to give your nails a shape file. We do not recommend metal that can pull the plate and helped to splitting. A much better choice will be made of glass or paper. This may seem tedious, but we should saw only in one direction. As a result, the nails will be stronger and prettier.

Before painting nails should also take care of the skin. You can cut them gently, although it is safer to move the stick. Earlier wymoczcie them in warm water. Thanks to surrender without resistance to treatment.

When our nails to desired shape longer time to proceed with the proper manicure. Remember that the plate must be clean and free of grease. Therefore, you should not wash your hands with liquid containing oils or grease cream. Try to do not touch the squares nails. Only perfectly clean plate ensures excellent paint adhesion.

And when Christmas nails are ready there is nothing else, how to set up a Christmas sweater and get carried away by the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

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Favorite celebrities diet – what is and is it effective?

Favorite celebrities diet – what is and is it effective?

Among the popular diets now reigns Post intermittent. Experts say it supports regeneration of the body and weight loss. It is not surprising, therefore, that supporters of such a diet constantly arrives, even among celebrities. The group of fasting intermittently stars include, among others Jennifer Aniston, Chris Pratt and Kourtney Kardashian.

Intermittent Fasting, intermittent or post, has been hailed as the most popular diet 2,019 years. It is temporary fast was the most searched on Google password for diets. According to this diet divide the day into two stages – stage food and fasting. The most widely used scheme is 8/16 which means that a meal consumed only during 8 hours. The remaining 16 hours is time for regeneration and regulation of processes occurring in the body.

Intermittent Fasting, intermittent or post, has been hailed as the most popular diet 2,019 years

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Many nutritionists considers that a reply may be intermittent preferred alternative to the popular, yet much less favorable to the health of menus, for example. Completely eliminate carbohydrates or fats. Although healthy eating and balanced meals is composing the principle of non-negotiable, intermittent fasting is not the amount of calories consumed and reduce the specific food groups is important. What is important is only the time in which we can reach for food.

Mix the three ingredients and drink before bedtime. Lose weight fast!

Supporters of the interim post still arrives. Many celebrities ensures that it is thanks to this diet impeccable figure and a good mood. “I use intermittent fasting, so I do not eat anything in the morning. I noticed a positive change in well-being, which followed me after withdrawal of food for 16 hours” – Jennifer Aniston confessed in an interview with “Radio Times”. The actress has revealed that although fasting every day, on Sunday, allows himself to dietary concessions. Excellent figure is also due to physical activity. Aniston exercises five times a week, and her favorite forms of exercise include yoga and boxing.

“I use intermittent fasting, so I do not eat anything in the morning. I noticed a positive change in well-being, which followed me after withdrawal of food for 16 hours” – Jennifer Aniston confessed in an interview with “Radio Times”.

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The group of enthusiasts intermittent fasting should also be Chris Pratt. Star of “Guardians of the Galaxy” admits that in preparing for the role of a superhero just helped him fast. “I do not eat anything until noon and try to do cardio training in the morning” – explained in the published Instagram short film. Pratt also encouraged his fans to ensure that Read about intermittent fasting and tried to apply it, it brings spectacular results.

A similar statement is Kourtney Kardashian, who has revealed that thanks to this diet managed to lose weight. “I have a rule that I do not eat after 19:00. With the meal I look forward to the next day, after the morning workout that I make about 10:30 or 11 am” – he explains. Periodic fasting also use modeling celebrities such as Molly Sims MeToday. “Fasting helps restart metabolism” – wrote in his blog model. I indicated that the minimum gap between the board and the B should be present 12 hours. “Thanks to your body, especially the digestive system has time to reset and regenerate” – she added.

A fan of the popular among the stars diet is also Moby, for which post has become not only a way to improve health, but also an opportunity to exercise willpower. “Actually, I do intermittent post every day” – the singer revealed in an interview with “Us Weekly”. “I fast for at least 12 hours, typically 16. Basically, just do not eat dinner. I like it because it is a kind of martyrdom” – he said.

Although supporters of intermittent fasting tout its health benefits and stress that thanks to him, you can effectively get rid of extracurricular kilos, its use requires undoubtedly iron discipline. Because even though we do not need to monitor calorie foods or follow strict standards concerning the composition of each meal, dinner or a resignation from the breakfast can be burdensome. Post is interrupted so the ideal diet for those of us who – like Moby and Jennifer Aniston – like training a strong will.

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Ideas for rejuvenating hair for 50-year-old

Ideas for rejuvenating hair for 50-year-old

Hair greatly affect our look and feel. Well manicured and nicely trimmed can dramatically rejuvenate. Unfortunately, with age the hair becomes less frequent and less often – so often the most sensible step is to simply shorten their lot. With this hair look healthier. Short hair give the appearance of freshness and lightness, face look radiant and younger.

Once very fashionable among others among middle-aged women perm, unfortunately, is not the most advantageous for the hair. They destroy them, and besides, often makes us look older than we are of the essence. After all, the most important is to feel good with your haircut – regardless of trends and advice of others. Our comments and ideas for hairstyles for rejuvenating 50-year-old is therefore only guidelines, which are not the oracle; wear your hair like that, what will please you most!

Nearly the shape of the face

Before you even get down to select hairstyles, take a look at the advice of experts on how to connect with the shape of facial hair.

    Ladies with a round face are most favorable situation – they will fit most types of hairstyles.
    Posiadaczki square face should avoid straight bangs, because it makes it seem more severe scratches and angular. Relaxing features conducive asymmetrical haircut (maybe also with fringe, but a slight disarray, aesthetically frayed).
    Round face usually it looks good with longer hair, which are to make the face will seem slimmer. They will not work here rather slicked, smooth hair, which can create the effect of pucołowatości.
    Heart-shaped face (triangular) while experts recommend jagged, asymmetrical hair – a hairstyle to be somewhat alleviated spiczastość chin. There is a risk that the smooth hairstyle or tapir will not look favorable. A good choice can be bangs that somewhat distract from a pointed chin.
    In the case of the longitudinal face you sleep particularly well to short hair. Ladies with long face should look great in bangs, which visually shorten the face.

  • Ladies with a round face are most favorable situation – they will fit most types of hairstyles.

  • Ladies with a round face

  • Posiadaczki square face should avoid straight bangs, because it makes it seem more severe scratches and angular. Relaxing features conducive asymmetrical haircut (maybe also with fringe, but a slight disarray, aesthetically frayed).

  • Posiadaczki square face

  • Round face usually it looks good with longer hair, which are to make the face will seem slimmer. They will not work here rather slicked, smooth hair, which can create the effect of pucołowatości.

  • round face

  • Heart-shaped face (triangular) while experts recommend jagged, asymmetrical hair – a hairstyle to be somewhat alleviated spiczastość chin. There is a risk that the smooth hairstyle or tapir will not look favorable. A good choice can be bangs that somewhat distract from a pointed chin.

  • Heart-shaped face (triangular)

  • In the case of the longitudinal face you sleep particularly well to short hair. Ladies with long face should look great in bangs, which visually shorten the face.

  • longitudinal face

    Ideas for rejuvenating hair for 50-year-old

    Short hair styling reign of odejmujących years. Neat bob is one of the classic anti-aging hair. It can be classic or asymmetrically truncated, with or without bangs. Unfortunately, Bob fairly quickly lose shape and quickly requires reintervention hairdresser. Let it sadly looks, feels and drooping oklapniętego.

    short hairstyles

    Bangs also can have a rejuvenating effect. Here much depends (as already mentioned) the shape of the face, but generally safer to opt for bangs “light”, asymmetric, a bit disheveled. Simple and heavy can give your face too much austerity it look older.


    If your hair is thin, can rejuvenate their skillful shading. In this way, they will take on the shape and create the illusion of a larger volume where it is needed.


    Bob If you do not fell to taste, think the pixie cut. It’s a great short haircut Rejuvenation for 50-year-old (though of course also works well in women at a younger age). Pixie cut is a short hairstyle with bangs in different variations – combed back or to the side. The pixie cut hair from the back of the head are strongly undercut, sometimes until podgolone. Cut pixie hairstyle is characterized by disorder, and sometimes a mess! Thus it does not require labor-intensive styling – just slightly pixie cut to form a light gel or foam. Styling is here basically rozwichrzeniu hair. Considerable advantage pixie cut is not only that it’s rejuvenating hair, but also that it fits properly for all outfits and occasions!

    pixie cut

    Other rejuvenation hair for 50-year-old extended to bob, or lob (long bob). Goes back at least to the clavicles. Like Bob, lob has many variations. It is a compromise between short and long hair – retain the freshness and lightness of short and long alluring femininity.

    bob extended, lob or

    Rejuvenating hair colors

    Hair color can also make look and rejuvenate. In general rejuvenating effect rather they have brighter colors, especially shades of blonde. It would not hurt, however, light brown. Fashion is also platinum hair, light gray, which, contrary to appearances, not necessarily evoke the gray. Dark colors and often overwhelm the face, giving it the effect of gravity.

    If you do not want to decide on the radical lighter color, do you think brighter reflections or highlights. Rejuvenating effect guaranteed!

    Warning! You have to remember, however, that the poor quality paint – and in addition applied unskilled hand, amateur – can slice the grizzled hair different tricks, for example, give your hair an unwanted violet or green tint. Among other things because of that better reflect in the hands of professionals who will take care to beauty treatments did not end unpleasant surprise.