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Christmas nails 2019. Our proposals and inspiration for beautiful manicure

Christmas nails 2019. Our proposals and inspiration for beautiful manicure

Christmas nails 2019 – ideas and inspiration for beautiful manicure

Manicure for Christmas does not have to be trashy and conspicuous. Christmas nails can also be subtle and elegant. That is, for example sweterkowy manicure (nail sweater). We have also prepared some funny suggestions for women who like funny decorating. Here are the most popular Christmas nails reindeer or snowmen. It looks really charming, and not looking at it is hard not to smile.

Christmas is special and magical time. Our manicure or such can be. It’s a great opportunity to go crazy and afford extravagant design. We have more time and do not go to work, so it’s worth the risk. If you want to keep the atmosphere for a long time, then select Christmas nails hybrid. You can wear them without prejudice and the need to fix up to three weeks. Calmly withstand a New Year’s Eve. And if you depend on durability, but are worried that hybrid destroy the nails, select a compromise. Półhybryda keeps longer than regular paint, and is softer than the hybrid manicure.

Christmas nails – red

Red is the color usually associated with Santa Claus robe. It also symbolizes fire, and so the heat and the house. This color is also famous nose, Rudolph and our cheeks after a few hours of fun in the snow. It’s the perfect shade for the holidays. Perfect for the festive family dinner, but it will look as good on a Christmas meeting with friends. Contrary to appearances, even opting for one color, you have many possibilities. Glossy or matte? Blood-red and perhaps more entering in orange? Sam decide. Red is a good idea for Christmas nails.

Equally interesting will look combines red manicure with silver, and even green. Effectively they present themselves as red and white patterns on the nails. It all depends on whether you’re a fan of minimalist classics, but if you prefer a bolder and more obvious solutions.

Christmas nails – snowflakes

Snowflakes is a symbol of winter adored mainly by children. This does not mean that adults can not enjoy it and admire this miracle of nature. Looking at the falling snowflakes fajniejszych is one of the aspects of Christmas. Regardless of the weather you can buy a Christmas snowflake nails. This manicure is impressive.

Christmas nails – reindeer

Animals of Santa Claus, which pull his sleigh with gifts – what could be more charming idea for Christmas nails? Reindeer is the original and funny idea for a manicure for admirers of animals. With such nails for sure you will do a furore among kids. It is possible that your manicure interest them even more than piling up under the Christmas tree gifts.

With decorations in a pattern to reindeer requires little skill and special fine brush. However, if you have the time and inclination to rehearse – it’s worth. If not, you must go to profesjonalistki. Remember, however, to make an appointment in advance. Just before Christmas at the manicurist may no longer be available terms. It is a time when everyone doing Christmas nails.

Christmas nails – cardigan

Sweterkowy manicure is the answer to sweater weather, the weather for the sweater. Cold weather, wind and rain make you feel like a warm wrap knit. Why not “set up” the sweater on your nails? This manicure looks very impressive. It presents the original and at the same time very elegant.

Semilac brand has created a special, limited edition paint hybrid “Sweater Weather” through which easily conjure up in their hands nails in Christmas sweater. You can choose from eight shades of winter.

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Christmas nails – step by step

Depending on what you chose a manicure, how performance will be different. However, the preparation of hand and nail every time it looks like. The most important is to give them shape and making the paint will hold up well. Also remember that just before painting nails, do intensive-care treatments for hands. Any kind of oil or even creams make the tile gets slippery and the paint adheres much worse. On the skin of the hand will come after the festive manicure beautydaily.

The first step is to give the nails porządanego shape. It depends on you whether they will be long or very short. Follow the directions in this regard not only fashion, but also your comfort and preferences. There are people who can not function normally with long fingernails. Other women, in turn, feel bad short. Your comfort is most important, though, of course, always want to experiment and try new trends.

The safest and most convenient way to give your nails a shape file. We do not recommend metal that can pull the plate and helped to splitting. A much better choice will be made of glass or paper. This may seem tedious, but we should saw only in one direction. As a result, the nails will be stronger and prettier.

Before painting nails should also take care of the skin. You can cut them gently, although it is safer to move the stick. Earlier wymoczcie them in warm water. Thanks to surrender without resistance to treatment.

When our nails to desired shape longer time to proceed with the proper manicure. Remember that the plate must be clean and free of grease. Therefore, you should not wash your hands with liquid containing oils or grease cream. Try to do not touch the squares nails. Only perfectly clean plate ensures excellent paint adhesion.

And when Christmas nails are ready there is nothing else, how to set up a Christmas sweater and get carried away by the magical atmosphere of Christmas.