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10 hair conditioners of household pantry

10 hair conditioners of household pantry

Homemade hair conditioner – the best recipes

Recipes for homemade hair conditioners are simple and every woman can find something for themselves. Natural ways to care suited to both the hair thin and delicate, dry, but also oily or unruly. The secret lies in properly selected component.

To improve the appearance of hair, and with it our well-being, do not always have to choose the barber shop or cosmetics. Supplements made from all-natural ingredients in their own home, can be applied without having to worry about the condition of the skin and hair of course. It’s a great alternative to products made artificially saturated with chemicals. Natural recipes passed on through generations, have often come true!

Homely hair conditioner can do with most food you have in your refrigerator or cupboard from woman for women. Certain provisions of sound incredible, but their long-term effects have been verified practics. You fall Into the idea that black lentils prevents split ends? A mint in hair care is a bulking effect? Recipes for homemade hair conditioner is very much. Check them all and enjoy the effects.

Conditioner consists of crushed fork halves and one avocado yolk mixed to a uniform mass. It is applied to washed hair, then you need to wrap your head a plastic bag, or a special plastic cap and a towel to keep warm. After 20 minutes, the conditioner should be thoroughly washed off, but only warm water without using shampoo. This hair conditioner provides the full complement of vitamins and monounsaturated fatty acids. Conditioner specially recommended for desiccated hair.

This is an excellent means for improving the condition of dry and brittle hair. In the water bath (in a container vessel with water) heats 2-3 tablespoons of oil, so that it is warm but not hot. Heated coconut oil spread on the hair thoroughly, massaging the scalp while. For 20-30 minutes you need to wrap your head a plastic bag and a towel. After this time, you should thoroughly rinse hair with warm water. Such a conditioner for dry hair can be used 2 times a week.

The perfect remedy for tired, thinning hair. Slightly heated 2-3 tablespoons of oil massaged into the head, wrapped in a plastic bag and a towel. The conditioner on the hair must be left for 4-6 hours. This treatment is best done during the day off, because in the towel during sleep can fall hard and dirty linen. After several hours of head must be thoroughly cleaned using gentle, natural shampoo. The treatment should be repeated for at least half a year, once a week.

Regenerative mask, protein. Whole egg must be slaughtered be blended with 2 tablespoons of oil (virgin). Appearance weight should be similar to mayonnaise. Conditioner put on your hair and thoroughly massaged into the scalp. At the head is assumed folic cap and wrap it with a towel for about 15-20 minutes. After this time, you need a hair rinse thoroughly. The treatment is repeated every two weeks.

This conditioner makes your hair shiny and silky. Honey improves the structure of hair. Mix 100 grams of honey with olive oil (1-3 tablespoons, depending on the dryness of hair and their quantities). Conditioner rubbed into the hair and scalp, then you need to apply a foil cap and leave for 30 minutes. Head after this time should wash gentle shampoo and rinse with warm but not hot water.

This is an excellent lotion to finish washing your hair, which will give them light. After washing, rinse the hair have to be prepared for a mix of 2-3 liters of water with the juice of one lemon, at the same time massaging the lotion into the scalp. After that the hair is not wet. This is not a recommended treatment for color-treated hair, because the acids of lemon juice lighten a little paint / destroy, alter its structure. Rinse with lemon is perfect for those who want a little (about tons) lighten hair. To little blonde could still strengthen the effect of lightening, hair must be sprayed clean with lemon juice and at least one hour be exposed to sunlight. Lemon lotion is not suitable for dry hair.

This conditioner in the form of onion juice accelerates the growth of hair, but the smell remains long on the head and can not affect the best social contacts. Less fragrant onion tincture will be, but it should not be used to dry hair. About 200g onions grate or finely cut, add a quarter spirits and leave for two weeks in a closed vessel. After this time the liquid and decant left in a closed vessel in the dark. Rubbed into the scalp before washing once a week.

Also give your hair a great shine. The execution of such green conditioner will require 50 ml of aloe juice, the juice of half a lemon and three drops of rosemary oil. This mixture is applied to the hair after each wash for 10 minutes. After this time it is rinsed with lukewarm water.

Defects in the structure of the hair and improve the condition of dry and brittle help to fix the spoon edible gelatin dissolved in a little water. Added to it one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a pleasing odor for a few drops of jasmine oil or rosemary. Applied the conditioner after washing your hair and leave for 15 minutes and then rinsed.

This rather exotic conditioner consists of a mixture of honey and banana pulp. It can be used on all hair types. Improves the condition of the hair, adds to the shine and elasticity. About 100 g of banana pulp, the pulp crushed, mix with a spoon of honey and done so apply conditioner to the hair up on 30 minutes. After this time, rinse. Do not use the dryer.

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How well the pictures go? Eight reliable advice

How well the pictures go? Eight reliable advice

1. Makijaż „picture perfect”

The camera does not like imperfections. Watchful lens can capture even a small dark circles under the eyes, redness or tired skin. Make-up will help you hide what you do not necessarily want to show. You do not have to start taking “instagramowego” makeup a la Kylie Jenner. Just a good foundation, a little bit of an equalizer, mascara and bronzer. If you like the pictures you’ll love designed selfie opaque moisturizing primer and concealer 2in1 Selfies Time by Eveline tested at the club as experts Ofeminin. Use a makeup sponge to its imposition, and achieve perfect skin effect on the finished photos.

– “Primer is light, but great covers any imperfections, you can extend their in a more problematic. There is no need to use additional equalizer. Great blends and characterized. Do not create a mask effect which is crucial. Excellent for everyday use and looks great even after 10h of work. Jumps on the current favorite in my make-up bag “- says one of as experts.

– “Primer Eveline Selfies Time is durable, keeps a few hours in the face, allows you to build opacity and hides imperfections, moisturizes the skin, has the appropriate consistency. Included in the formula innovative complex matting prevents luster and reduces the appearance of pores – complexion becomes smooth, perfect appearance becomes ready to do selfie. Suitable for every day, for every skin type. ” – he writes another.

2. The camera up!

If you want to get well in the picture, slightly lower chin down and take a pic in advance. Pull straight arm with the camera at least at eye level or use the selfie-stick, and the effect will be perfect – it will confirm every selfie queen. Few people look good when they are photographed from below (double chin guaranteed), but taking a picture from the top will be a favorable perspective. Przekrzyw head slightly to the side, and your selfie will be perfect.

3. Choose a good filter and stick to it

Hardly anyone looks great on the pictures without any treatment. Though the camera, light and outside can work wonders, a good filter can be a dot over the “i”. With the help of the smart phone app you can apply to your photos ready or self-created filters. In order to obtain a satisfactory effect play with contrast, brightness, colors pictures, remove noise and sharpen the blurred shot. Just be careful not to overdo it with treatment, because artificially-looking pictures have long since gone out of fashion.

4. Smile instead of doing “duck face”

Natural smile always looks better trained than the outside. Lips curved spout are already passe, and the time passed also posed selfie. When someone wants to take a picture instead of panic so throw on the play, take a deep breath and … smile!

5. Find the natural light

Naturally lit image always wins the exposure in flash or other artificial light source. Soft daylight or rays of the sun will add a radiant glow of your skin even when you have almost no makeup. This effect glow understand!

6. Practice pose

You wonder why some people such a great turn out and others do not? The former probably well mastered the art of posing. Practice in front of a mirror, which poses serve your silhouette, and that make you look hard or adversely. Some tips to start? Posing more sideways than the front, stand on tiptoe to wysmuklić figure, slightly tilt forward and the deck will seem smaller, lower and relax your shoulders and standing in front of the camera slide one foot forward and move your weight on this at the back .

7. Make a lot of shots, before you choose one

The stars themselves often do dozens (if not hundreds!) Pics to find the one you look best. You can do more than a few shots. Change poses and facial expressions, or styling hair. Check right and left profile, slightly you tilt your head down, and to another image slightly lift the chin up. To make one good picture, sometimes you have to do a lot of them really. But you may well be at the same time!

8. Pay attention to the background

The best pictures are interesting background either totally or completely minimalist TopGirlStyle. One thing is certain – a little picture that looks good with the mess in the background. If you are doing selfie in the mirror or your approach includes a larger space, remember to clean up or organize the things that you see in the frame.

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Add it to the bath, and your body will thank you. Advantages only!

Add it to the bath, and your body will thank you. Advantages only!

Add it to dishes to enhance their flavor to beverages and to use it to fight infection or to warm up. But ginger is not only warming properties. Also it acts as a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and cleansing. Therefore, it is one of the most recommended bath components, which are not only refresh the body, but to remove dangerous toxins from its interior.

Ginger is used in Asian culture for thousands of years, both for culinary and medicinal. Exhibits anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This also has the ability to stimulate the circulation and to assist in the digestive process. It eliminates flatulence, regulates cholesterol, prevent infection, helps in the treatment of migraine. Although you can (and should) eat ginger throughout the year, especially recommended is the menu to include it in the winter catalog for her. But it is not everything. A good idea in cold weather is also taking a relaxing and healthy ginger bath. Why?

“Drink a flat stomach” – you’ll see results after a week! The recipe is simple

“The combination of a hot bath and energy” yang “of ginger is very necessary in the winter, the season of” yin “- explained in an interview with the American magazine” Vogue “Anna Lam, founder of the brand Ginger Chi. According to the traditional Chinese concept of” Qi “to give life balance we need two kinds of energy – warming and cooling – that should be in perfect balance. “Chinese medicine is based on the philosophy of yin and yang, two opposing but complementary forces that make up the life and energy,” – explained in an interview with ” Huffington Post “Felicia Yu, assistant professor of medical science at the University of California, Los Angeles.

“Food ginger, drinking ginger tea and ginger bath will help us to warm up and relax. They open our locks, improves blood flow throughout the body. Bathing in the colder months is essential, as it helps to restore the body to balance and strengthen the immune system” – says Lam .

Ginger bath winter is a way to detox the body. “Ginger accelerate blood circulation, thus increasing the body temperature. During the bath enriched with ginger together with then removes toxins from the body. We get rid of this dirt and chemicals to which we are exposed every day” – explains the expert in the field of holistic health biological, Jennifer Palmer. For the preparation of ginger bath enough for us to 1/2 cup of freshly grated ginger powder or spoon. Bath with ginger allows you to not only relax, but also to convince the specialists, is a guarantee of peaceful sleep.

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Kitchen spice for wrinkles, acne and blemishes

Kitchen spice for wrinkles, acne and blemishes

Yellow mask with turmeric is considered to be an effective weapon in the fight against hyperpigmentation and helps get rid of acne, and additionally provides exceptional nutrition. Turmeric is not only a wonderful and aromatic spice, after which we reach in the kitchen. This cosmetic product, extremely easy to prepare, is used by women in India for centuries, although the cosmetic industry is a component of turmeric rarely used. However, it is worth to appreciate her wonderful qualities.

Turmeric mask on his face

Turmeric – also known as turmeric – a spice obtained from ostryżu, especially popular in Asian cuisine, especially in India. For centuries in Asia it was also used as a natural dye, and in medicine as a natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal. Hindu and use this bright yellow spice well as exceptional cosmetic that provides for a clear skin color and youthful appearance. The beneficial and versatile operation of curcumin is due to the excellent combination of vitamins and minerals. The most important component of turmeric is curcumin – a compound belonging to the so-called. curcuminoids belonging to the polyphenols. Turmeric is rich in antioxidants, which slow down cell damage.

What is the use of turmeric? It is commonly used as a means of exfoliating the skin and improving its appearance. Turmeric face mask can be used as an effective remedy for:

  • acne
  • discoloration
  • wrinkles.

It helps inflammation of the skin, such as dry skin, psoriasis and eczema. Turmeric is also used as an effective remedy for dark circles under the eyes and teeth whitening.

The first effects of regular use of turmeric masks are visible after a few weeks – skin gets lit, shallow wrinkles, pores are closed and discoloration and blemishes less visible.

Mask with turmeric for acne – recipe

Mask with turmeric for acne is a great option, mainly due to anti-inflammatory properties of this unusual spices.


  • 2 teaspoons turmeric
  • 2 tablespoons of buttermilk or yoghurt
  • Oatmeal (optional – soothe)
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (optional – purified pores)

Mix the ingredients in a bowl, put on a wet face and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Warning! Turmeric has strong coloring, so it’s best to do a mask in the evening, just before going to sleep in the bathroom or kitchen, where all the possible dirt can be easily clean up.

Turmeric mask for wrinkles – how to do?

Turmeric protects the skin against the ravages of free radicals, among other things, responsible for premature aging of the skin. Improve skin elasticity and also covering her wrinkles.

To prepare this mask you need:

  • 2 teaspoons turmeric
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon honey

The ingredients are mixed to obtain a paste and applied to the face for 10 to 20 minutes, and then wash with hot water. You can also remove most of the facial make-up remover wipes, this way you will avoid soiling your fingers.

Turmeric mask discoloration

If you want to get rid of spots and smooth skin tone, use the following recipe.

  • 1 teaspoon powdered turmeric
  • approximately 5 drops of lemon
  • 1 tablespoon yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Lightening also rose water, which you can use to mask instead of yogurt. Ingredients pound while just to get a paste and apply on face for 10 to 20 minutes. You can even do it every day, just remember that turmeric strong colors, so use paper towels.

The mask of turmeric – a wash?

Turmeric mask makes your skin is slightly yellowish tint. However, it disappears after washing the face several times. It is worth noting that this was yellowish pigment is an active substance. In addition, yellow tint neutralizes redness, so vascular skin should be even more satisfied with the results mask of turmeric.