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Homemade coffee peeling against cellulite

Homemade coffee peeling against cellulite

A peeling made of freshly ground coffee, grape seed oil and a small amount of Etja orange oil is an effective way to fight cellulite. Additionally, thanks to the aromatherapeutic properties of orange oil, this peeling also has antiseptic and even antidepressant properties! See a new homemade coffee peeling recipe with orange oil.

The effect of coffee on weight loss

What kind of coffee do you like best? Little black or big and white? Or maybe your taste is only true Italian cappuccino? Tastes are not discussed, but the real impact of coffee on your health – much more often.

American and European scientists have been waging a war for years over the effects of the chemical components in coffee on our body. Positivelly Coffee Program, run by the International Coffee Institute, admits that moderate coffee consumption, up to 400 mg a day, has no negative effects on the human body, and the antioxidants contained in it may even counteract the development of certain types of cancer cells.

The main chemical component of coffee is caffeine (an alkaloid), which speeds up metabolism, stimulates blood circulation, and helps in the drainage of lymph from adipose tissue. It is worth mentioning that although consuming coffee during a slimming diet can help with weight loss, this drink dehydrates the body and also flushes out elements, such as magnesium, which are responsible for the proper functioning of muscles from the body. Other methods how to get rid of cellulite.

How does coffee peeling work against cellulite?

Drinking coffee is not the only way to provide the body with caffeine. This can also be achieved by using my homemade coffee scrub. I recommend it especially to people struggling with cellulite.

Why is coffee peeling effective?


Coarsely ground coffee, in contact with the skin, removes dead epidermis, leaving it smooth and soft to the touch.


The circular rubbing movement of the peeling mechanically stimulates microcirculation, making the skin firmer.


Caffeine contained in coffee removes toxins from the body’s cells and accelerates the dehydration process of fat cells.


The peeling composed of grape seed oil has a preventive effect on skin stretching, i.e. stretch marks hated by women. This oil is considered to be one of the strongest antioxidants. Moreover, it is a natural source of vitamin E, which nourishes the skin, making it elastic.


Orange oil contained in coffee peeling has an anti-cellulite effect on the skin, smoothing and tightening it. Additionally, as an antiseptic, it will soothe any irritation and redness that might occur after an intensive massage with peeling.

Besides… it just smells great! A wonderful blend of coffee and oranges will relax and calm you. It is a natural antidepressant that will put you in a great mood.

How to make a homemade coffee scrub?

Time to get down to business with a cup of coffee … because that’s what you can use as a measuring cup for ingredients.

1. Two cups of freshly ground coffee

We do not use scrubbed coffee to increase the effect of caffeine on cellulite. When we use only grounds for peeling, we get rid of the benefits that flowed into the cup together with the boiling water. Moreover, pay attention to the type of coffee. I recommend using Robusta coffee, not Arabica coffee, because it contains a higher concentration of caffeine, and this is what removes cellulite from the skin.

2. A cup of grape seed oil

It is practically odorless, which means that two such strong aromas, such as coffee and orange oil, create a harmonious fragrance that calms and relaxes, without irritating the sense of smell of people who are hypersensitive to sweet and suffocating smells. Its main advantage, however, is its consistency – grape seed oil is light and non-sticky, and your skin, immediately after the peeling treatment, does not require any additional lotions.

3. 4 drops of Etja orange essential oil

The essential oil is highly concentrated and although in small amounts it is beneficial for the skin, its excess can cause serious irritation or photoallergies. Therefore, limit yourself to 4 drops of this product – believe me, it is absolutely enough to enjoy the refreshing aroma.

Then, add the ingredients to a large bowl in order of coffee, grape seed oil, and Etja orange oil drops. Mix everything thoroughly.

How to use a coffee scrub?

It is best to use the peeling right after the bath. Apply the previously prepared coffee preparation on cleansed skin. Try to massage the peeling into the skin of the thighs and buttocks for about 10 minutes with circular movements. You can also use the peeling, if necessary, on the calves and abdominal area. In order for the oil to absorb well into the skin and moisturize it, you can leave the mixture on your skin for another 10 minutes. After this time, rinse the peeling with lukewarm water.

Since the coffee preparation belongs to the category of strong peels, try not to use it more than twice a week.